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We now offer smaller installments plan! This gives you the opportunity to experience our dedicated company services and to get the ball rolling in restoring your consumer credit report with low affordable monthly payments. Contact our friendly staff or request a call for a consultation.


Once we obtain your consumer credit report, we then set forth a plan with a detailed credit analysis. We dispute any and all unverifiable, inaccurate, outdated information reporting on your consumer credit report on your behalf by contacting the three major credit reporting agencies and the creditors and/or collections agencies that is reporting such information. 


We will get you sat up with your very own personalized client portal. This client portal will allow you to review updates and to stay connected on what all duties/tasks we are completing on your behalf. Also, you will be able to stay in tune on what we would need you to do on your end. You can educate yourself as well in your client portal! It shows you as a consumer how you can build and manage your own personal credit report. We feel what is the point to in restoring your consumer credit report and not educating the client on how they can maintain their good credit. 


All of these tasks are started for you for a small service fee of only $150! Yes, you heard it right, we will get all of those services started for you for a service fee of $150.00. Your first payment is due the time you schedule your phone consultation. We then go over monthly payment arrangments that are reasonable for you!


If you’re ready to get the process started with getting those negative accounts addressed, click the button down below. We will need to get some information from you to get services started. 




Individuals- $150.00 down (service fee) and monthly payments of $60.00-$85.00


Spouses- $245 down (service fee) and monthly installments of $140.00-$160.00

(Your monthly fee will be based off of the health of your credit report)


We offer either a six-month client agreement or a twelve-month client agreement depending on the state of the consumer credit report! 





Contact our friendly staff to sign up now and pay later!

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about the services that we offer, please call us at 866-807-5700 or send us an email

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We are excited to introduce our new software for even better results on your personal credit report. Also, check out our new blog!!!

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